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We have tested the tech specs of theDiff Check first samples made in the pre-production.

Immediately we have noticed the big potential of this product that has been made to value the hardness of the diffs at the box.

We have asked ourself how we could improve this product even if we were satisfied with the opportunity to finally have given a value for the reference. Sharing our thoughts to a group of top drivers from many categories, we have understood that would have been even better if we could have the opportunity to use the Diff Check directly on the car and ideally at the box without to be connected to a power supply.

We have therefore created two accessories that allows the measurement even with the assembled model and basically for every model who has the diff:

  • The first solution is more versatile and it is for all the categories that fix the wheel with a 7mm nuts. Such as Touring 1/10 electric and nitro, electric off-road 1/10 2WD and 4WD and Formula 1/10. This solution is perfect for Awesomatix model where the diff doesn’t allow the direct link to the Diff Check.
  • The other solution is for all the model with a 17mm nuts that fix the wheel. Such as the electric and nitro 1/8 Buggy.

Regarding the practical side, the Diff Check is ready to be used with a pack of 7.4V batteries that allows max versatility.

After have made the first samples we have gone to the track with these drivers and we have asked their impressions.

All the drivers acknowledge the Diff Check as an helpful tool for their cars setting.

Francesco Martini:

When i prepare the diffs for Bruno I use a very expensive and accurate tool to check if they are perfect. When i have tried it the first time it was easy to understand why it could work perfectly, because when i was sure about the diff hardness the Diff Check confirmed the similarity and caught the different oil viscosity even if the density was slightly different. From now on, in our team we will stop to measure by hand the hardness of the fastest drivers diff because finally we will have a value to reproduce.

– Francesco


We have tried the first DIff Check during the Touring World Championship in South Africa. I thought this would have been useful only for extreme categories like the Touring but instead it’s really useful for Off Road categories too.

– Bruno


I have always calibrate my diffs at home with a self built tool very big. Now finally even on the track it will be possible to determinate the real value of a diff just made. Guarantee that it is waht we are looking for. And why not, also to verify it after the run as we made at the ENS at Fiorano, that was really helpful. For us “fanatic” of the diff, the Diff Check becomes immediately one of our racing technic tool.

– Mazzeo


When i have been asked to test the DIff Check i thought it was an useless  product. I have to admit that after have tried it i think that this tool will be very helpful.

– Baruffolo

logo diff check